Lectures and conferences

1994 Bergman Memorial Lecture, Stanford University.
1996 Courant Lecture, NYU.
1996 Distinguished Lecture, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1997 Nachdiplomvorlesung Lectures, ETH, Zurich
1998 Myhill Lectures, New York State University, Buffalo, NY
1999 Andrejewski Lectures, Gottingen University, Germany
2000 Rado Lectures,Ohio State University
2001 Ellenberg Visiting Chair, Columbia University
2004 Unni Namboodiri Lectures, University of Chicago
2004 M. Morse Lectures, Inst. for Advanced Study, Princeton
2006 Gergen lecture, Duke University,
2007 University lecture, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
2007 Distinguished lecture, IMPA
2008 Rainish lecture, Univ. of Michigan.
2008 Leonardo de Vinci lecture, Univ. of Milan, Italy.
2008 Journee de Rham, Swiss Mathematical Society, Lausanne.
2009 F. Klein lectures, Bonn University, Germany.
2010 The D’Atri Memorial Lecture, Rutgers University, NJ.
2012 The Owen lecture, Wayne State University, Michigan

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